What is Radio Scouting?

Radio Scouting is a term used to describe the combination of amateur radio and scouting. It is a program that combines the principles of scouting, including leadership, community service, and education, with the use of amateur radio to help youth develop skills in communication, technology, and emergency preparedness.

Radio Scouting is often associated with the World Scout Movement, which is a global organization that promotes the values of scouting. Many national scouting organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America and the Scout Association in the UK, have integrated amateur radio into their programs.

Through Radio Scouting, scouts can earn badges and certifications related to radio communication and emergency preparedness. They can also participate in events and activities that involve operating radios and communicating with other scouts around the world.

Overall, Radio Scouting is a way for scouts to learn valuable skills while also having fun and connecting with other scouts around the world.