The mine field communication game is a fun and educational activity that can be used to teach scouts about the importance of clear communication and effective teamwork. The game involves dividing scouts into teams, where one scout is blindfolded and the other scouts must guide them through a "mine field" of obstacles using only verbal instructions.

To set up the game, you will need to create a "mine field" using various objects such as cones, chairs, or other obstacles that are placed randomly throughout the playing area. The blindfolded scout is then placed at one end of the mine field, and the other scouts must guide them through the obstacles using only verbal instructions. The blindfolded scout cannot touch any of the obstacles, and must rely on the guidance of their teammates to navigate through the mine field.

The game requires clear and effective communication, as the scouts must learn how to give and follow instructions accurately and efficiently. It also requires teamwork, as the scouts must work together to achieve a common goal.

After the game is complete, you can debrief with the scouts to discuss what they learned about communication and teamwork. You can also use the activity as a springboard to discuss how effective communication is critical in many aspects of life, including emergency situations and radio communication.