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Harbor Freight for discout on a 8700 watt Inverter Generator

HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams Hamtest Online Offers our youth $10 classes!

Maxon America, Inc. for support material/docs for our donated GMRS repeater

David Bermejo wB4SA Keychains and Promotional items

www.mods.dk Equipment Manuals and Schematics

www.davisrf.com for sponsoring high quality / low loss Coax cables for our events. (made in USA)

jowersbatteries.com for sponsoring our ARDF batteries.

Local IT company for donating $100 for a 2020 Spring Youth College Scholarship

www.arrl.org foundation grant to support our 2020 Radio Merit Badge and Lic. summer camp program.

Lake Amateur Radio Association (LARA) for donating a 2M analog radio Yaesu FT 1500, power supply, 50' of coax and a copper J pole antenna.

www.FTA-vacations.com for donating two plastic card printers. Fargo Direct to Card DTC550

www.amazon.com/Warehouse-Deals for discount CB Radios for our Battle Ship game.

www.QRZ.com for discount XML subscription for our call-sign lookup tools.

www.HamRadioDeluxe.com for donating the latest cutting-edge software for our scouts to use.

www.GigaParts.com for donating several hundred WRTC 2018 hats for our 2018 JOTA.
www.ToolesACEhardware.com WG for donating a 2ft length of safety chain for our JOTA trailer.
KD4OA, Silent Key (SK) Erdman Daniel Kiehm family for donating his station and ham equipment.
Obituary He served in the Army Air Corps in WWII in the European Theater piloting a B-26 in 65 bombing missions. After the war, he found success in the aerospace and defense industries.
http://djfabweld.com - DJ Fabrications & Welding, 407-654-1950, for donating and building our 60' mobile tower for the 2018 JOTA. We broke national records with it!
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(no fees, 100% to us)
We are always in search of sponsors. We have no dues, no income and rely strictly on volunteers, donations and sweat equity. If you have equipment, software, hardware and would like to donate please use the contact link on the menu. If you would like to donate funds directly please use a methods on either side of this box.

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Wanted List

These are items we’d like to get donated to assist our program.
VOLUNTEERS & MEMBERS! www.RadioScouting.US/J
Enclosed Equipment Trailer (we are filling the bed of a pickup on every event!) Thank you DJ Fab for expanding our Mast Trailer to have a storage space.
Transceivers (HF/VHF/UHF/Sat)
Antennas: Dipoles, whips, beams, motorized dish/ARRIS
Permanent Building/Class room/Meeting Space at Camp La-No-Che
Meeting space for monthly club meetings (Orlando Moose Lodge 766 or 2345 may be fulfilling this in 2020)
Youth Gifts/Give-a-ways (low cost HT’s, FRS Radios, Tech Lic. Manuals, tape measures to sacrifice)
Coax cable

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