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  • ARDF Radio Direction Finding is a fun game where scouts search for hidden transmitters using various technology
  • CW/MORSE Demonstration of a Morse key and learn how to do SOS and first name
  • Lego Build Scouts create an object and use a radio to have a partner build a copy
  • Battle Ship scouts use chess boards and CB radios to play a game of Battle Ship single or paired teams
  • Mine Field scouts use a radio while blind-folded to get walking instructions on how to navigate an obstacle course
  • JOTA/JOTI where a million scouts communicate with each other during the 3rd weekend of October via Ham Radio and the Internet
  • Camp Station our council station wB4SA, is being built with assistance from LARA, OARC and the Lake County Sheriffs Department.
  • Mobile Tower/Station we have a 60' mobile tower with HF, VHF and UHF radio capabilities, as well as MARINE, CB and WiFi transmitters.

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